Brandon Enright

Securely contacting/communicating with me:

Email: bmenrigh{at}, AIM: bmenrigh, XMPP/Jabber:

* If you are looking for my PGP key, you can use my secure key (0x0B25F782). You can also get it from a public keyserver.

* You can find any PGP trust paths from your key to my key with this:

Your key id :

* For AIM and other IM networks I use OTR. Before accepting my OTR key, please validate/verify with this signed (0x0B25F782) OTR key fingerprint:

Securely granting me access/authenticating me:

If for some reason you want to grant me access to a machine, my SSH-DSA key is here and my SSH-ED25519 key is here.


* I have taken up twisty puzzles beyond just the Rubik's cube. One of my favorites is the Magic Cube 4D (3x3x3x3). I am quite pleased that I have solved the 3^4, 4^4, and the 5^4. I'm currently working on computationally aided theory and behavior of twisty puzzles.